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Double the Love, Double the Joy, and Double the FUN!!!  Newborn shoots are my favorite. Nothing better than snuggling up with a sleeping baby, and I always make sure there's lots of snuggle time (diaper time, feeding time, etc- but mainly snuggle time) between shots. On this shoot with TWINS, I got to have twice as much snuggles and twice as much FUN!!! 








O’Donnell Family | Frisco

The weather has finally cooled down and that means my appointments are heating up.  Bookings are limited so don’t be naughty, schedule your Christmas pictures now!  If you don’t- Santa may bring you a lump of coal.  Just saying, I’ve got connections.


Back to why I’m really blogging today! The O’Donnell family, Jamilyn, Connor, and little Brenner!!  I had so much fun down at Babe’s with you all!! 



Such a gorgeous family, I mean, seriously!!  Jamilyn, you look like a model!



And Brenner couldn’t be any more adorable!  Look at those eyes and lashes! Swoon…


Very GQ Connor, “how do you feel about dat”?  Love it!



Mama love, there's nothing like it.


I had such a hard time picking faves for my blog, there are so many great images.  So here's a few more.






Rock ON, Brenner!

It was so awesome to be able to spend some time with you all and cuddle up with Brenner!  He’s so adorable.  Can’t wait to see you all again!

Reed | Frisco Newborn Photographer

Three’s a charm.  With two magnificent, beautiful little girls, Nicole and Matt decided to wait for the birth to find out if their third baby would be a boy or girl.  I was just certain they’d have a new baby girl to round out their fabulous family, but I was wrong.  Matt Reed Laymon was born.  What a joy!  He’s such a precious little bundle!  His big sisters think he's pretty special too.


He slept like an angel.



And peeked out a few times.  At 6 days old, he’s tipping the scale at nearly 10 pounds!  What a big healthy baby!  And oh so adorable!


Nicole, you know I adore your family.  It was awesome to get to see you all, especially the kids.  Addy and Kennedy are growing up so fast, and Reed is the most precious thing ever!  Love you all and congratulations!

Thomas | Frisco Newborn Photographer

Surprise!!  Some surprises just shock you.  Marci was thrown through a loop last summer when she found out that she was expecting.  Some friends even accused her of being in denial.  But after spending the morning with Marci and Thomas I could see she is completely smitten.  So sometimes life gives you a surprise better than anything you could’ve ever dreamed.

marci and thomas

Look at this cute little face, chubby cheeks, and blue eyes.


Here’s the only time I really saw him cry.  (in his defense though, that scale is COLD)






Congratulations Marci, Phil, Taylor, and Jack!!  Ya’ll are such a fun family.  I can only imagine what Thomas’s childhood will be like and how he will grow up.  He’s a lucky baby.

K and K

Miracles.  These two are truly little miracles.  I specifically remember last summer, I was out shopping with friends and we got a call that Brooke was pregnant…. Pregnant with TWINS!!  What joy and delight we all felt for Brooke and Brett.  After hearing that they made their arrival, I could not wait to take their pictures!  But wait I must, they had to spend a little more time in the hospital before heading home.  Finally I got to visit and take some pictures when they were 9 weeks old. 

Kayla is such a petite little thing and I hear she looks just like her mommy.  (Who, by the way, is stunningly gorgeous!)


Kade is the opposite- a big ole husky tank, and looks like his daddy.


Kade likes to kiss his little sister and suck on her forehead, and she doesn’t seem to mind.  Adorable!  They are definitely connected. 

together- kisses


Congratulations, Brooke and Brett, Kayla and Kade are so lucky to have such loving wonderful people for parents.  Thanks for letting me come out, see the babies, and shoot pics.  Brooke, I marvel at the way you juggle taking care of TWO little ones!!  You make it look so easy (and I know it’s not)!!


Benjamin | Tulsa Visit

What a fabulous way to end my Tulsa visit.  Getting to see old friends and making new ones made for a wonderful weekend.  Meeting the Baugnon’s ended it wonderfully.  We had a great time hanging in the backyard taking portraits of Benjamin and he couldn’t have been in a happier mood.  I don’t think this boy ever gets grumpy!!  Look at these grins!



And I LOVE when babies will blow bubbles for me.  Adorable!


The Baugnon’s had a fabulous vintage baseball glove and wanted to run down the street to take some pic of Benjamin with it.  What a wonderful idea!!  I think he’s destined to be a pitcher.



It was so great to meet you guys!  Thanks for the fabulous ideas and locations to shoot in. 

Griffith Family | Tulsa Visit

We met up at Woodward Park (a favorite portrait location in Tulsa) early Sunday morning.  The sky threatened rain, but we got lucky.  Finally, the weather was going to cooperate. Soon we were strolling through the park and chit chatting about Tulsa.  One thing I love about Tulsa is it’s a small town in a big city so it doesn’t take long to find common bonds (like we all are big OSU fan, Go Pokes!).  Alli, Damien, and Drayden were all completely natural and stunning in front of the camera. 

Drayden was such a happy baby!


Oh, baby!  This one is a little sweet and a little sexy all at once. 



Spending the morning with them, you could feel the love their gorgeous family shares.



Drayden has the best expressions ever.  To showcase his personality, I created a “faces collage”. I often do these for clients, but will all of Drayden’s expressions, he gave me the perfect opportunity to showcase this display. 


Alli, Damien, and Drayden, it was wonderful to meet you.  I had such a hard time picking favorites from your session because you have such a beautiful family!!

*Sparkles* | Tulsa Visit

Ella (my daughter) was lucky enough to have the very best Kindergarten teacher ever last year.  Everyone was super thrilled when Glenda found out she was expecting!  Avery and Dalton were getting a new baby sibling.  So exciting!!  So when Glenda asked the kids what they thought she should name the baby, Ella came up with *Sparkles*.  From then on, Erin (her real name) was known as *Sparkles* to the Miller family.  

During my trip to Tulsa, I was tickled to finally get to take *Sparkle’s* pictures.   



Glenda scouted out a really cool place to do the portraits.  It was this very old rustic red barn.   It also provided some refuge from the rain.  We worked it out though.


Erin was so happy until the very end of the shoot where she was just tuckered out and needed a nap. 


But look at this sleeping princess.  Adorable!!


Glenda, it was so nice to catch up with you and Erin!  We miss you bunches!! 

Joanna and Davis | Tulsa Visit

Clients become friends and friends become clients.  So when I had the chance to go back to Tulsa to take pictures of lots of old friends and a few new ones I was so excited. 

Joanna and Davis were my first appointment for the weekend and they started it off with a bang.  The last time I saw them was at Davis’s newborn  shoot several months ago and he’s gotten so big!  He wasn’t too sure of me at first.


But big sister showed him just was to do. Again, with those gorgeous blue eyes!!


We traipsed around Woodward Park and marveled at all of the gorgeous flowers.  It’s so lovely out there this time of year!


Eventually Davis warmed up and even snuck out a smile here and there.  Cutie!!


Near the end of our shoot, we found a “fairy bed” (known to many as a dandelion, but at my house we call them fairy beds) and Joanna got to make a wish.  I wonder what she wished for.


Erin, it was so wonderful to see you all again.  The kids are growing sooo fast, but still as adorable as ever!!  I'm so thankful that I got to be there from the beginning and watch them grow.

Happy 1st Birthday Campbell!! | Frisco Baby Photographer

Since our first shoot, Campbell’s mom and I have been counting the months, weeks, days, until Campbell’s first birthday and her 1st birthday photo shoot.  And as is typical with children, time flew by and her birthday got here quicker than we expected.  We headed out to Frisco Square  to take some pictures with all of our girls in tow.  Kaly, Hannah, and Ella were such good little photographer’s assistants.  And I couldn’t help but snap a few pics of the gorgeous sisters.



They had Campbell giggling and smiling most of the time. Except of course, when the crazy grown-ups, Jennifer and I, thought it would be a fun idea for Campbell to wear a party hat.  She didn’t think it was so fun.


When we got back to my house Jen brought out the cake and I got to try out my new barnwood floor rug!    Campbell dug in and had a blast. YUM!





 While the girls played, Jen talked to me about how the year before, she would’ve still been pregnant with Campbell and late that night she discovered that it was TIME.  Troy and Jennifer rushed to the hospital, and not long after, in the middle of the night when the whole world was still, they met their third daughter, Campbell.  Each day goes by and Campbell grows and learns something new.  Now she’s toddling around into her next stage of life, and her parents have memories.  I think I saw a tear in Jennifer’s eye when we were visiting about this, and I totally understand.  Our children’s birthdays are always a little bittersweet.  Yes, we are so proud of the people they are growing to be, but a part of us is a little sad that they are one year older.   As parents, we can truly understand the saying “the days are long, but the years are short”.5402

Addyson Shea

Not often does one get the pleasure of taking newborn portraits for a new member of their very own family!  So as soon as I heard that my sister-in-law was pregnant, I insisted on going up to Tulsa to take the baby’s pictures as soon as she was born.   January 27th, I got the call.  She’s HERE, weighing in at 7lbs 8oz and 19.5 inches long:  Addyson Shea has entered the world!!!  Hooray!!  I immediately started making plans to visit, take her portraits, and get some cuddle time with my new little niece.  She was 10 days old by the time I got there. (fyi- for other mom’s the best time to do newborn portraits is within the first 2 weeks).  10 days old!!  I swear, one of the closest things to God, is the precious innocence of a newborn.  Addyson was so fabulous!!  She let me mold her in crazy poses and didn’t seem to mind at all.  We only stopped for an occasional diaper change, feeding, or some snuggles with Aunt Katie (and that snuggle time was much more for my benefit than hers).  






Thanks Kimberly and Lance!!  It was so wonderful to see you guys!  Hailey- you are a remarkable young lady.  Addy is so lucky to have you as a sister!!  Love you guys.


I love love love new babies!  They are the so sweet and pure.  I was so excited to get to meet Malone when he was 11 days old.  Malone was the most alert 11 day old baby I have ever met!  He was bright eyed and ready to go. 



I usually try to get my newborns to sleep while we wiggle them into poses, but Malone would not have any of that.  He was quite content to just look around and take it all in.  That said- he was also the happiest 11 day old baby I'd ever seen. 




After some snuggling with Dad and Mom (who, by the way, could be a supermodel), Malone started to settle down for a few minutes of rest.




Michael and Kelly- It was so great to meet you!!  Thank you for inviting me into your home and allowing me to capture this magical time for you.  The day will come when Malone finally sleeps through the night.  While at first you will be relieved, there will be some tiny part of you that will miss those late night/ early morning snuggles.  Congratulations!!



Several years ago, while I was searching desperately for a new hair stylist, friend recommended Kessie, owner of Art-n-Style.   (in Tulsa on 41st and Peoria, just in case any of my Tulsa friends are looking- Kessie rocks the scissors and foil!!)   Since Kessie is an artist herself, Art-n-Style has openings once a month with a new artist and shows the art all month long.  It's like a muesum/ hair salon!  Coolest thing ever.

ANYway, so when Kessie told me she was pregnant and that I could take her newborn portraits, I was honored!!  Less than a year ago, I took this picture when Emma was days old.



Where does the time go?  Emma will be turning 1 in a few days and is walking and talking!  And cutier than ever!








Kessie and Christy, it was so good to see you all again (and I love the sassy new do's)!  Thanks for braving the cool weather and meeting me at Woodward.  It's is so much fun to  play with Emma and watch her grow!!

Davis's arrival

So I introduced myself and then disappeared….  (all a part of my master plan to appear cool and mysterious. )

No, it’s just been super crazy with the move down here to Frisco, visiting Tulsa, going on a family vacation to the beach,  the kids starting school and living life.  On our last visit to Tulsa, I got to see lots of friends and will have sneak peeks up here as I get portraits processed.  

So without further ado , please, allow me to introduce Davis Hulsey.  These were taken at the ripe age of 16 days old…


Thanks Huleys, for once again, trusting me to capture this time for you.  You all are such an awesome family and I had lots of fun!! 


Awake or asleep he was the best baby.  Erin, does he ever cry? 


10 fingers


10 toes


Puckered up, smoochable lips  


And we can’t forget the most beautiful big sister in the world!!  Look at those eyes!  She really loved the camera just as much as it loves her.